LAT 111  -  Fundamentals of Latin I,  4 credits.  

Elementary work in Latin syntax forms and vocabulary with easy readings. For those who have had no previous study of Latin. Designed to lead into LAT 112 - Fundamentals of Latin II

Frequency: Every Year - First Semester  
LAT 112  -  Fundamentals of Latin II,  4 credits.  

Selected readings from Latin authors to introduce students to aspects of Roman life and culture and their relation to contemporary problems and experiences.

Frequency: Every Year - Second Semester  
Prerequisites: LAT 111  
Core designations: World Language W  
LAT 480  -  Independent Study,  1-4 credits.  

This course provides an opportunity for individual students to conduct in-depth study of a particular topic under the supervision of a faculty member. Contact the department or program chair for more information.

Frequency: Not offered on a Regular Basis  
Repeatable: Yes