ITAL 111  -  Beginning Italian,  4 credits.  

An introductory course that will acquaint students with basic Italian grammar and vocabulary. This is intended to be the first course in a two-course sequence that concludes with Accelerated Italian immersion course in Italy. Combines active practice and communication with grammatical analysis of the language.

Frequency: Alternate Years - 2nd Semester  
ITAL 112  -  Accelerated Italian,  4 credits.  

A summer study abroad course with immersion in Italian language and culture that completes the sequence designed to introduce students to the skills needed for proficiency in the language. Combines active practice and communication with grammatical analysis of the language, daily conversation and cultural enrichment experiences.

Frequency: Alternate Years-1st Summer Ses  
Prerequisites: ITAL 111  
Core designations: World Language W  
ITAL 370  -  Global Political, Social, Economic and Environmental Issues in the Italian Speaking World,  3,4 credits.  

Students develop greater understanding of global political, social, economic, and environmental issues through intensive study of authentic target language materials. Through projects, papers, presentations, and opportunities to collaborate with native speakers, participants develop intercultural communicative competence and target-language proficiency. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Intermediate or Advanced proficiency in the target language required.

Frequency: Not offered on a Regular Basis, Summer Session  
Repeatable: Yes