President Craft announces the School of Health Professions HeHeimarck Center

Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Sanford Heimarck School of Health Professions

The Sanford Heimarck School of Health Professions is built on the college’s strong history of educating today’s students for tomorrow’s health professions needs.  In the Sanford Heimarck School, students can explore a wide range of health professions before deciding which option provides the best fit for their talents and passion. Students in the school pursue career options ranging from direct patient care to health care leadership.

All programs in the Sanford Heimarck School of Health Professions emphasize the importance of an education grounded in interprofessional, interdisciplinary and team based/collaborative approaches which are used in most health professions.  All programs are also strongly grounded in the liberal arts, recognizing the importance of subject matter knowledge while also emphasizing the development of intellectual capacities like critical and creative thinking, problem solving, perspective taking and oral and written communication skills. 

Programs in this school provide multiple opportunities for applied learning experiences including clinical placements, internships, practicums, research opportunities, community projects, simulations, case study discussions, etc.  Programs requiring licensure post pass rates on licensure exams that are regularly above national and regional averages. Students often receive employment offers prior to their graduation.  Students pursuing placement in professional programs (medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, etc.) have an established record of high placement rates.