Major Requirements

The requirements for a major in food/nutrition/dietetics are 66-68 credits:

Food/Nutrition/Dietetics Courses
FND 112Food Science4
FND 239Nutrition for the Lifecycle4
FND 321Nutrition4
FND 346Quantity Food Production4
FND 360Advanced Nutrition4
FND 362Medical Nutrition Therapy4
FND 424Clinical Experience4
FND 425Current Issues- Food/Nutrition2
FND 426Community Nutrition4
FND 446Management in Nutrition and Dietetics2
Required Supporting Courses
BIOL 121Cell Biology4
BIOL 207Fundamental Microbiology4
BIOL 306Human Anatomy and Physiology4
CHEM 127General Chemistry I4
CHEM 142Survey of Organic and Biochemistry4
or CHEM 373 Biochemistry I
PSYC 111Introductory Psychology4
Select one of the following:2-4
Principles of Accounting and Finance
Principles of Management and Leadership
U.S. Healthcare Delivery
Public Health
Healthcare Law and Ethics
Select one of the following:4
Introduction to Statistics
Statistics and Psychology Measurement
Research Methods and Statistics
Total Hours66-68

Degree and Graduation Requirements
In addition to the program-specific requirements listed above, all students must complete the graduation requirements specified for their degree.  See the Degree and Graduation Requirements section for more information.

Suggested Four-Year Plan

The four-year plan detailed below is a suggested coursework sequence. This plan may need to be adapted based on course offerings as well as individual student circumstances, such as transfer credit and study away experiences. 

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FYS 110 Engaged Citizenship Seminar 4
ENG 110
Writing to Engage
or Communicating to Engage
FND 112 Food Science 4
CHEM 127 General Chemistry I 4
WELL 110 Engaging in Lifelong Wellness 1
CHEM 142 Survey of Organic and Biochemistry 4
COM 110
Communicating to Engage
or Writing to Engage
PSYC 111 Introductory Psychology 4
WELL 111 Engaging in a Balanced Life 1
Elective 4
Second Year
FND 321 Nutrition 4
BIOL 121 Cell Biology 4
Language Level 1 4
Elective 4
MATH 205 Introduction to Statistics 4
BIOL 306 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
Language Level II 4
Elective 4
Third Year
FND 360 Advanced Nutrition 4
FND 239 Nutrition for the Lifecycle (PEAK) 4
BIOL 207 Fundamental Microbiology 4
Elective 4
FND 362 Medical Nutrition Therapy 4
FND 346 Quantity Food Production (Part. PEAK) 4
Elective 4
Elective 4
Fourth Year
FND 446 Management in Nutrition and Dietetics 2
FND 424 Clinical Experience (Part. PEAK) 4
FND 425 Current Issues- Food/Nutrition 2
Elective 4
Elective 2-4
FND 426 Community Nutrition (Part. PEAK) 4
Elective 4
Elective 4
Elective 4
 Total Hours128-130

Electives: Arts (4 cr), Humanities (4 cr.), Religion (8 cr.), Global Perspective (4 cr.), Business (2-4 cr.), or courses to meet additional majors/minors.