Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Offutt School of Business


Christopher J. Mason, dean
Jorge E. Scarpin, department chair

The cornerstone of the Offutt School of Business curriculum is the integration of four critical perspectives across the business curriculum: leadership development, ethical decision-making, entrepreneurial perspective, and global perspective. While many business schools adopt a vocational or technical approach, the Offutt School experience is grounded in a rich liberal education tradition. Because of its emphasis on integration of multidisciplinary learning, a liberal arts education best serves to develop mature judgment capable of assimilating information and weighing opposing arguments. At the heart of this approach at Concordia College is a focus on the development of critical thinking and problem-solving. Guided by professors with significant professional and academic experience, students will develop the ability to translate academic concepts into concrete action through extensive experiential and applied learning experiences.

Concordia graduates who study in the Offutt School will see all business as a global opportunity, will have mature judgment rooted in their liberal arts education, practical skills to confidently present ideas, engender trust, accomplish goals on a timely basis, and have the conviction of character formed by continually considering the ethical dimensions of managerial decision-making. Very importantly, they will have the opportunity to reflect on and practice leadership. Studying business prepares students to live Concordia’s mission to “influence the affairs of the world.“

In addition to the various business majors, there is a flexible business minor that complements majors outside of the Offutt School of Business.

Programmatic Learning Goals

We seek to develop graduates who:

  • Demonstrate global competency
  • Understand the importance of acting with personal integrity
  • Can become responsible and knowledgeable leaders
  • Embrace an entrepreneurial perspective

Anderson Office of Career Success

The Anderson Office of Career Success, located at the Offutt School of Business in the Grant Center, was created to serve the specific needs of Offutt School students. The office helps students explore careers, gain experience outside of the classroom, and pursue meaningful post-graduate work, service, and education.

Offutt School students have a dedicated career services professional to assist them throughout their career at the Offutt School of Business. By utilizing the services the office has to offer, students will:

  • Learn about themselves, the world of work, ways to prepare for their future, and possible career paths available to them.
  • Access to self-assessment tools to help in the areas of their communication, motivation, emotional intelligence, strengths, and values.
  • Prepare a professional personal statement, cover letters, résumés, letters of recommendation and references, and a Linkedln profile.
  • Provide opportunities for students to build a professional network through networking functions, mentorship programs, job shadows, informational interviews and connecting them with employers and alumni.
  • Enable students to apply their academic knowledge outside of the classroom through internships and practicums.
  • Assist students to develop a career-related action plan to gain new graduate job opportunities after graduation.

In addition, the office provides Offutt School students the following career development opportunities during their time at Concordia:

  • Offutt Mentorship Program – Offutt School students who participate in the Offutt Mentorship Program are paired with a business professional in their chosen field of study in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Students and their mentors are able to attend prescheduled events throughout the year as well as develop their own plan for learning and growth.
  • Hollstadt Women in Business Leadership Program – The Hollstadt Women in Business Leadership Program was created to give women in the Offutt School the opportunity to learn and grow professionally from successful woman alumni in the business field. This event takes place twice a year in the Twin Cities in conjunction with Offutt School Presents.