Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Academic and Student Life Policies

In order to fulfill its mission, it is essential for the college to establish appropriate standards and expectations for academic and personal conduct. By choosing to enroll at Concordia, students enter into a mutual agreement with the institution that includes consenting to conduct policies and expectations. Accountability to these policies begins at the time a student registers for the first time until they graduate – including time between sessions.

Concordia College policies and regulations are published in the online Student Handbook and various other publications made available to students, faculty and staff each year. College documents relating to the rights and responsibilities of individual students and student groups, as well as the campus judicial process and structure, are available from the Office of Student Development and Campus Life. Policy information can also be accessed on the Concordia website. Policies regarding specific academic programs are listed with that program.

Academic: Accommodation of Students with Disabilities, Policy on Access to Computers and Computer Software, Records Policy, Withdrawal from College

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Campus Activities: Display Policy, Fundraising and Sales Policy, Off-Campus Trips Policy, Policies for Student Organizations, Promotions Policy

Campus Climate/Community Life: Bias-Related Violence, Intimidation and Harassment Policy, Gambling Policy, General Institutional Policies (e.g., dishonesty in academic pursuits; obstruction or disruption of college activities), Hazing Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, Sexual Violence Policy, Smoking Policy

General: Mail Distribution Policy, Motor Vehicle Policy, Parking Regulations

Student Responsibility: Residence Life Policies and Procedures, Student Accessibility Policy, Student Responsibility Conduct Procedures, Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities Document