Winter Storm Policy

Since the majority of students live either on campus or relatively near the college off campus, most would be able to attend classes in stormy weather. Classes are typically held, and the college remains open, for anyone who is able to be here. However, in the final analysis, anyone living away from the campus (with the exception of essential personnel) must make a personal judgment (with safety being the primary criteria) about the wisdom of traveling to the college.

Faculty members who are unable to attend their classes on storm days are asked to notify their department chairperson. Staff members who are unable to make it to the office are asked to contact their supervisor by phone.

There will be times when the college may be forced to cancel classes or, on rare occasions, to close entirely due to the severity of conditions. The decision-making process about whether or not to hold classes, or close the college, will begin at approximately 5 a.m. – with a final decision prior to 6:30 a.m. The decision will be announced on local radio and television off campus, and on campus through email, the e2Campus alert text messaging system, Cobweb, home page, message boards and the main information line (299.4000). Students may also check the college website for postings about specific classes being canceled.

Unless notified to the contrary, assume classes are being held and the college is open. Please do not call Security/Public Safety unless it is an emergency.