Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Cocurricular Eligibility

Every college-sponsored activity should provide the Academic Procedures and Policies Committee with its eligibility requirements. While those responsible for coaching, directing, or coordinating these activities are encouraged to develop eligibility requirements that suit their particular activity best, the following is the minimum requirement at Concordia College: students participating in college-sponsored activities must maintain at least 12 semester credits. Students who do not meet this minimum may appeal to the Committee for an exception to the rule, as may directors who have special needs that this policy makes impossible for them to meet.

Any student in residence meeting the minimum eligibility requirements is eligible for participation in cocurricular activities. Exceptions of this policy may be made in cases involving:

  1. intercollegiate athletics that are governed by MIAC and NCAA regulations;
  2. students on probation who may, at the discretion of the Committee on Student Academic Performance and Procedures, have their activities curtailed; and
  3. departments or organizations that may wish to have more stringent eligibility requirements.