Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Heath Professions Programs

Concordia College offers preprofessional education in each of the areas listed above at both an undergraduate level and a post-baccalaureate level (for those who have finished a bachelor’s degree in another area). Professional schools offering these programs accept applications from students without regard to major, they rely more on GPA, MCAT scores and letters of recommendation for admission decisions. Students should meet early with one of the health professions advisors to plan their programs because different schools, even for the same profession, often differ in specific requirements.

Common prerequisite courses for professional programs in the health sciences include:

  • 8 credits in biology
  • 16 credits in chemistry
  • 4 to 8 credits in mathematics
  • 8 credits in physics

A substantial number of courses in the humanities, behavioral and social sciences are also required. All programs (with only a few exceptions) expect applicants to have earned an undergraduate degree prior to entry. Note: College courses required by professional programs must be taken on an A/F letter-grade basis (i.e. not pass-fail), and many programs will not accept AP credits as fulfillment of the prerequisite courses. College grades are important in determining students’ acceptance into any professional school, but nearly all programs also require applicants to score well on standardized national exams.

In preparing applications for professional schools, students work through the College’s Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC), beginning the application process about 18 months before the date of planned entry into their chosen professional program. The college offers support for each qualified student’s application with an official Committee Evaluation completed by the HPAC. Dedicated and careful attention to the many details relative to preparation for, and application to, these professional programs, by Concordia’s administration, faculty, staff and students, has resulted in long-term acceptance rates that are usually twice the national average.

Programs Offered

  • Post-baccalaureate Premedical Program
  • For the programs listed below, please consult the Pre-Health Professions Coursework Requirements:
    • Preprofessional Preparation in Athletic Training
    • Preprofessional Preparation in Chiropractic
    • Preprofessional Preparation in Dentistry
    • Preprofessional Preparation in Occupational Therapy
    • Preprofessional Preparation in Optometry
    • Preprofessional Preparation in Pharmacy
    • Preprofessional Preparation in Physical Therapy
    • Preprofessional Preparation for Physician Assistant
    • Preprofessional Preparation in Veterinary Medicine