Academic Catalog 2023-2024

English Language Learner (ELL)

ELL 111  -  English for Academic Purposes I,  3,4 credits.  

This course is designed to strengthen students' academic English skills, both oral and written, for college-level academic study. Students read and listen to a range of academic material. The course combines content-based language learning strategies with preparation for college-level academic study. This course is designed to meet the needs of learners for whom English is not the primary language.

Frequency: Not offered on a Regular Basis  
ELL 112  -  American English Language and Culture II,  4 credits.  

Develops student proficiency in higher-level reading comprehension, writing, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar usage, while providing an introduction to the culture and social/political issues of the United States and of the college. Designed to meet the needs of new students for whom American English is not the primary language. ELL 112 does not count toward an English major or minor.

Frequency: Every Year - First Semester  
Core designations: World Language W  
ELL 121  -  Experiential Learning in American Culture I,  3 credits.  

This course for participants of the Collegetown program examines struggles and successes in creating a pluralistic, diverse, and tolerant American society. Students research case studies of racial, religious, ethnic, and political intolerance in United States history, then connect those historical scenarios to contemporary, parallel issues. This course makes extensive use of the Fargo-Moorhead community as a classroom, exploring pertinent topics with the help of guest speakers and field trips. Corequisite: ELL 111 or 112. Open only to students enrolled in Prelude.

Frequency: Summer Session  
ELL 211  -  American English Language and Culture III,  4 credits.  

What are some of the primary issues at the heart of American society today? What are you most curious about concerning America: religion, relationships, media, politics, education? This course will pursue these questions and more as we investigate American culture while continuing to advance language proficiency and research skills. Open only to English language learners.

Frequency: Not offered on a Regular Basis  
Prerequisites: ELL 112  
Core designations: U.S. Cultural Diversity U  
ELL 380  -  Special Topics,  2-4 credits.  

Courses covering various topics of interest in this discipline are offered regularly. Contact department chair for more information. Intended for international students.

Frequency: Not offered on a Regular Basis  
Repeatable: Yes