Academic Catalog 2022-2023

International Business Major with a Minor in German

Major Requirements

The business requirements for a major in international business with a minor in German are listed in the International Business pages of the catalog. To participate in the international business program in German, students must complete the German minor by taking the following courses:

German Courses
GER 211Intermediate German I: Culture and Society through the Media4
GER 212Intermediate German II: Culture Through Literature4
GER 311Advanced Composition and Style4
GER 320German Cultural History in Overview4
or GER 325 Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Today
4 additional upper-division credits4
A three-month internship in Germany 1
A semester at the Leibniz Universität Hannover or another university approved by the German program.
Total Hours20

Students will take IBUS 390 Cooperative Education for their internship credit but have the option of choosing GER 390 Cooperative Education (1-5 credits) for additional credit toward their internship.

Degree and Graduation Requirements
In addition to the program-specific requirements listed above, all students must complete the graduation requirements specified for their degree.  See the Degree and Graduation Requirements section for more information.