Major Requirements

The requirements for a major in German are 32 credits:

German Courses
GER 211Intermediate German I: Culture and Society through the Media4
GER 212Intermediate German II: Culture Through Literature4
GER 320German Cultural History in Overview4
20 additional credits in German at the 300-level and above20
Total Hours32

Students may take one 4-credit German course in English.

Students studying abroad for one year must take GER 450 Study Abroad Experience and Reflection.

Students seeking licensure to teach German must also take GER 330 Introduction to German Literature and Film and GER 332 German Grammar and Phonetics and fulfill the requirements for a major in education. For additional information about teaching German, see the chair of world languages and cultures or the chair of education.

K-8 World Language and Culture Endorsement License: Students majoring in elementary education have the option of completing an add-on endorsement in one of the five world languages. Each add-on endorsement program prepares students to be recommended for licensure in that world language in grades K-8. Each add-on endorsement requires a separate application for licensure. All students must attain the intermediate-high level of oral proficiency.

Degree and Graduation Requirements
In addition to the program-specific requirements listed above, all students must complete the graduation requirements specified for their degree.  See the Degree and Graduation Requirements section for more information.