Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Multimedia Journalism


Vinny Reusch, English, CSTA, program director

Stephanie L. Ahlfeldt, CSTA
Aileen L.S. Buslig, CSTA
Gregory B. Carlson, CSTA
Erin Hemme Froslie, English
Christian E. Mortenson, Art
Matt Olien, CSTA (Prairie Public Television)
W. Scott Olsen, English
Kirsten E. Theye, CSTA
Amy S. Watkin, English

The multimedia journalism program is an integrated, interdisciplinary program that teaches students the skills needed to succeed in this field. TV reporters no longer just report and shoot video; they write for their station’s website. Newspaper reporters no longer just report and write stories; they shoot still photos, video and make audio recordings and podcasts – in addition to constantly updating their stories for the Web.

Successful completion of the major in multimedia journalism will enable students to understand the changing role and importance of journalism in modern society; use rich, precise and illuminating language; construct skillful narratives; find and assess relevant facts, interpret them and present them in a context that is concise, fair and accurate; and show familiarity with the major ethical and legal issues in journalism.

Learning Goals for the Multimedia Journalism Major

  • Students gain exposure to fundamental skills in the converging world of journalism today, including reporting, writing, graphic production, video and audio editing, and an understanding of new media.
  • Students come to understand storytelling as a fundamental principle for journalists, no matter what medium is being used.
  • Students learn the analytical abilities and adaptability necessary to be a journalist today.
  • Students learn about the legal, ethical and moral responsibilities central to multimedia journalism.