Amy S. Watkin

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Sonja P. Wentling, Dean
School of Arts and Sciences
218.299.3001. Email: vpaa@cord.edu

The program in the humanities is designed to permit study of a clearly articulated topic of investigation that arises from study in the humanities and addresses large human questions with an interdisciplinary approach. Although studies in the humanities are the basis of the program, courses from any department may be included in the program. Proposals must include courses from at least two different departments.

Students may count appropriate courses from Global Education, May Seminars, and other relevant programs toward the humanities minor. A limited number of courses transferred from other institutions may be counted toward the humanities minor.

The program is administered by a special faculty committee, which must approve all minor programs, including specifically the topic of investigation. In the process of developing a proposal for a humanities program, interested students should identify a faculty advisor with competence in the focal topic who can assist with the articulation of the topic and identification of appropriate courses for investigating the topic. Interested students should consult with the program chair for further information and forms. Approved program proposals must be signed by the faculty advisor and the humanities program chair and filed with the registrar.

Learning Goals for a Minor in Humanities

In the submission of a topic and program of study:

  • The student will demonstrate the capacity to imagine and articulate clearly a topic of study based in the humanities that addresses an important human question or issue.
  • The student will demonstrate the capacity to organize a program of study that will show the value of an interdisciplinary approach to the question proposed.

In the prospectus for the culminating course:

  • The student will demonstrate a reasonably comprehensive understanding of the topic of study proposed.
  • The student will demonstrate the manner in which the courses included in the proposed program contributed to and supported an interdisciplinary understanding of the topic of study.

Programs Offered



HUM 380  -  Special Topics,  0-4 credits.  

Courses covering various topics of interest in this particular discipline are offered regularly. Contact department or program chair for more information.

Frequency: Not offered on a Regular Basis  
Repeatable: Yes  
HUM 480  -  Independent Study,  1-4 credits.  

This course provides an opportunity for individual students to conduct in-depth research of a particular topic under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Contact the department or program chair for more information.

Repeatable: Yes  
HUM 487  -  Directed Research,  1-4 credits.  
Frequency: Not offered on a Regular Basis  
Repeatable: Yes