Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Church Music Minor

Minor in Church Music to Accompany other Bachelor of Arts Majors at Concordia

Minor Requirements

The requirements for a minor in church music are 26 credits:

Music Core Courses
MUS 111Materials of Music I1
MUS 112Materials of Music II1
MUS 115Rhythm Performance and Hearing1
MUS 116Tonal Singing and Hearing1
MUS 222Music In/As Social Life4
MUS 232History of Western Music: Medieval to the Mid-19th Century4
MUS 425Choral Conducting I2
or MUS 427 Instrumental Conducting I
Private Instruction
2 credits of private instruction in voice, piano, organ or instrumental2
Four semesters in an ensemble0
Elective Courses
Select 10 credits unique to the minor from the following:10
Worship: Ideas and Practice
Making Meaning: Reading, Interpreting and Teaching the Bible
Faith and Leadership
Select two of the following:
Choral Literature for Church Choirs
Global and Contemporary Music for Worship
Liturgy and Congregational Song
Total Hours26