Academic Catalog 2023-2024

International Affairs Minor

Minor Requirements

The interdisciplinary minor in international affairs will provide students with the knowledge and analytical tools needed to interpret and navigate the global landscape of interconnected countries. Students will understand the various ways in which actors intersect in the international arena, become familiar with the theories and issues important in the field of international relations, and develop competency in applying theories and analytical tools to understand specific international/global issues.

The requirements for a minor in international affairs are 19-20 credits:

International Affairs Courses
BUS 201Principles of Global Economics4
GS 117International Issues and Global Governance: An Introduction to Global Studies4
PSC 241International Politics4
International Relations Courses
Select one of the following courses in the area of international relations:3-4
American Foreign Relations since 1900
Arab-Israeli Conflict
U.S.-China Relations
U.S. Foreign Policy
International Security
Ethics and International Relations
Issues in International Affairs Courses
Select one of the following courses focused on issues in international affairs:4
Politics of Development
Comparative Politics
Global Political Islam
Petroleum Politics & Planet
Global Sustainability Issues
Global Development Issues
Total Hours19-20