Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Cross-Cultural Interaction Minor

Minor Requirements

The interdisciplinary minor in cross-cultural interaction will prepare students to understand how scholars from diverse disciplines make sense of and analyze culture, understand the role of culture and cultural differences in today’s world, and to acquire tools that enhance intercultural competency.

The requirements for a minor in cross-cultural interaction are 20 credits:

Cross-Cultural Interaction Courses
COM 316Intercultural Communication4
GS 118Culture, Identity, and Dialogue: An Introduction to Global Studies4
SOC 217Cultural Anthropology4
Understanding and Navigating Cultures Courses
Select two of the following courses focused on understanding and navigating cultures:8
Cross-Cultural Management
Global Literature and Human Experience
Postcolonial Literatures
Islam and the West: Historical Encounters
World Musics
Psychology and Culture
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Monotheisms: Abrahamic Traditions in the Modern World
World Christianity
Religion in the Postcolonial World
Religion, Violence, and Nonviolence
Urban Communities
Comparative Cultural Encounter
Language course – A course in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, or other language at the 212 level or above
Total Hours20