Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Social Activism Minor

Minor Requirements

The requirements for a minor in social activism are 20 credits:

Social Activism Course
ACT 301Social Activism: Making Change Happen4
Central Courses
Select at least 8 credits from the following Central Courses (perhaps up to 16 credits):8-16
Persuasive Communication
Global Literature and Environmental Justice
Seeking Justice in an Unjust World
Religion, Race & Social Justice
Religion, Violence, and Nonviolence
Social Problems
Elective Courses
Select 0-8 credits (depending on number of Central Courses taken) from the following:0-8
Video Production
Gender and Communication
Strategic Communication and Public Relations
Environmental Ethics
Faith and Leadership
Race, Gender, and Power in the Francophone World
Black American History
Philosophy of Feminism
Philosophy of Race
Environmental Policy-Politics
Psychology of Gender
The Ethics of Aid and Development
Cultural Anthropology
Class, Race, and Ethnicity
Urban Communities
Social Change in Theory & Practice
Social Work and Social Justice
Comparative Cultural Encounter
Total Hours12-28
  • Students will also need to engage in PEAKs (Pivotal Experience in Applied Knowledge) related to social activism and approved in advance by the Social Activism Committee.
  • No more than two courses from the same subject prefix can count toward the minor.