Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Interfaith Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

The interdisciplinary interfaith studies minor supplements any major, as it gives students the knowledge and skills needed to responsibly engage a religiously diverse world as literate global citizens. Whatever career path students choose to pursue – whether business or health care, social work or psychology, among others – an understanding of the world’s diverse religious and cultural traditions is essential. The interfaith studies minor includes a hands-on internship/practicum as well as opportunities for experiential learning, interfaith service and cooperation, and genuine encounter with the interfaith neighbor – a curriculum designed to help graduates build peace and pluralism through mutual understanding.

The requirements for a minor in interfaith studies are 20 credits:

Interfaith Studies Courses
REL 230Introduction to Interfaith Studies4
Select one of the following:4
Faith and Leadership
Biblical Hebrew II
Religion and Popular Culture
The Good Life: Old Testament Perspectives
Monotheisms: Abrahamic Traditions in the Modern World
Religions of East Asia
World Christianity
God:The Question and the Quest
Approaching the Qur'an
Women's Religious History
Religion, Race & Social Justice
Religion and the Body
Exploring Islam
Religion in the Postcolonial World
Religions of India
Religion, Violence, and Nonviolence
Religion and Ecology
REL 490Practicum (or alternative) 14
Interfaith Studies Non-Religion Electives
Select 8 additional credits from the following:8
Ethics and Leadership
Interpersonal Communication
Comparative Education: A Policy Perspective
Global Literature and Human Experience
Global Literature and Environmental Justice
Native American Literatures
Postcolonial Literatures
Race, Gender, and Power in the Francophone World
Art and Religion
Religion & American Reform
Black American History
Indigenous Peoples of North America
Islam and the West: Historical Encounters
Arab-Israeli Conflict
World Musics
Seeking Justice in an Unjust World
Asian Philosophy
Philosophy of Feminism
Environmental Ethics
Philosophy of Race
Global Political Islam
Psychology and Culture
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Cultural Anthropology
Social Change in Theory & Practice
Comparative Cultural Encounter
Total Hours20

A student can petition to use a 390 or 490 from another discipline (with permission of a faculty advisor/supervisor from that discipline and the approval of the Religion Department) if the practicum involves work or activity relating to interfaith cooperation or religious diversity.