Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Interfaith Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

The interdisciplinary interfaith studies minor is the perfect supplement for any major, as it gives students the knowledge and skills needed to responsibly engage a religiously diverse world as literate global citizens. Whatever career path students choose to pursue – whether business or health care, social work or psychology, among others – an understanding of the world’s diverse religious and cultural traditions is essential. The interfaith studies minor includes a hands-on internship/practicum as well as exciting opportunities for experiential learning, interfaith service and cooperation, and genuine encounter with the interfaith neighbor – a curriculum designed to help graduates build peace and pluralism through mutual understanding.

The requirements for a minor in interfaith studies are 20 credits:

Interfaith Studies Courses
REL 230Introduction to Interfaith Studies4
Select one of the following:4
Faith and Leadership
Biblical Hebrew II
Religion and Popular Culture
The Good Life: Old Testament Perspectives
Monotheisms: Abrahamic Traditions in the Modern World
Religions of East Asia
World Christianity
God:The Question and the Quest
Approaching the Qur'an
Women's Religious History
Religion, Race & Social Justice
Religion and the Body
Exploring Islam
Religion in the Postcolonial World
Religions of India
Religion and Nonviolence
Religion and Ecology
REL 490Practicum (or alternative) 14
Interfaith Studies Non-Religion Electives
Select 8 additional credits from the following:8
Ethics and Leadership
Interpersonal Communication
Comparative Education: A Policy Perspective
Global Literature and Human Experience
Global Literature and Environmental Justice
Native American Literatures
Postcolonial Literatures
Race, Gender, and Power in the Francophone World
Art and Religion
Religion & American Reform
Black American History
Indigenous Peoples of North America
Islam and the West: Historical Encounters
Arab-Israeli Conflict
World Musics
Seeking Justice in an Unjust World
Asian Philosophy
Philosophy of Feminism
Environmental Ethics
Philosophy of Race
Global Political Islam
Psychology and Culture
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Cultural Anthropology
Social Change in Theory & Practice
Comparative Cultural Encounter
Total Hours20

A student can petition to use a 390 or 490 from another discipline (with permission of a faculty advisor/supervisor from that discipline and the approval of the Interfaith Studies co-chairs) if the practicum involves work or activity relating to interfaith cooperation or religious diversity.