Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Greek and Roman Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

The requirements for a minor in Greek and Roman Studies are 20-32 credits:

Greek and Roman Studies Courses
COM 111Introduction to Communication Studies 14
REL 200Christianity and Religious Diversity 24
One course in Philosophy 34
Language Courses
Select one of the following language course pairs:8
Fundamentals of Latin I
and Fundamentals of Latin II
Beginning Greek I
and Beginning Greek II
Additional Courses
Select an additional 12 credits from the following: 412
Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
Classical Literature in Translation
Greek and Roman Mythology in Art and Literature
Behind Closed Doors: Ancient Gender and Sexuality
Black America and the Classical Tradition
Special Topics
Cooperative Education
Independent Study
Directed Research
History in Art I: Origins to the Early Renaissance
European History in Perspective to 1500
Greece and the Ancient Near East
Rome: Republic and Empire
Independent Study
Ancient Philosophy
Religion in a Global Context
Total Hours32

4 credits if COM 317 Rhetorical Theory and Criticism is taken for the major


4 credits if REL 370 Religion in a Global Context is taken


4 credits if PHIL 311 Ancient Philosophy is taken


Other courses, including inquiry seminars, online courses, PEAK experiences, and international study may also qualify with approval of the Greek and Roman Studies department.