Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Environmental and Sustainability Studies Major with Concentration in Sustainability Studies

Major Requirements

The requirements for a major in environmental and sustainability studies with a sustainability studies concentration are 37-40 credits:

Environmental and Sustainability Studies Courses
ENVR 103Ecosystems and Human Influence4
or BIOL 221 Ecology
ENVR/PSC 365Global Sustainability Issues4
Statistical or Geographical Reasoning Courses
Select 4 credits in statistical or geographical reasoning from the following:4
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Introduction to Statistics
Methods and Techniques of Political Analysis
Statistics and Psychology Measurement
Ethics or Theology Courses
Select 4 credits in ethics or theology from the following:4
Environmental Ethics
Ethics of Sustainable Community
Religion and Ecology
Policy or Economics Courses
Select 8 credits in policy or economics from the following:8
Principles of Global Economics
Global Development Issues
Climate Change and Conflict
Environmental Policy- Politics
Petroleum Politics & Planet
Environmental Nutrition
Politics of Development
Urban Communities
Social Change in Theory & Practice
Arts and Humanities Courses
Select 4 credits in arts and humanities from the following:4
Video Production
Global Literature and Environmental Justice
Animal Stories: Kinship, Rivalry, and Alterity
Sustainability in Germany
Nature's Place in U.S. History
Sustainable Communities
Upper-Level Environmental Science or GIS
Select 4 credits of upper-level environmental science or GIS not taken above from the following:4
Conservation Biology
Ecology of East Africa
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Policy-Related Internship
Select 1-4 credits in policy-related internship, study away, or directed research experience approved by the environmental and sustainability studies program director(s) from:1-4
Cooperative Education
Directed Research
ENVR 475Interdisciplinary Research4
Total Hours37-40

Degree and Graduation Requirements
In addition to the program-specific requirements listed above, all students must complete the graduation requirements specified for their degree.  See the Degree and Graduation Requirements section for more information.