Minor Requirements

Coursework in the coaching minor follows recommendations set forth in National Standards for Athletic Coaches (NSAC) and prepares individuals to work with youth athletic programs.

Requirements for a minor in coaching are 20 credits plus 4 credits in prerequisites:

Coaching Courses
HLTH 143First Aid and CPR: Emergency Response 12
PED 252Prevention and Care of Sport-Related Injuries2
PED 361Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletic Programs2
Select one of the following:2
Coaching and Officiating: Baseball and Softball
Coaching and Officiating: Basketball
Coaching and Officiating: Football
Coaching and Officiating: Soccer
Coaching and Officiating: Hockey
Coaching and Officiating: Track and Field
Coaching and Officiating: Volleyball
Coaching and Officiating: Wrestling
Coaching and Officiating: Swimming
PED 216Sport Officiating2
PED 491Practicum in Coaching2
PED 410Sport and American Society4
PSYC 111Introductory Psychology 24
or PSYC 212 Educational Psychology
PSYC 345Psychology of Sport 24
Total Hours24

Students double majoring in physical education and health education with a minor in coaching must substitute two additional credits for HLTH 143 First Aid and CPR: Emergency Response with the permission of the department chair (HLTH 143 First Aid and CPR: Emergency Response can only be double counted).


Coaching minors should note that PSYC 111 Introductory Psychology or PSYC 212 Educational Psychology is a prerequisite for PSYC 345 Psychology of Sport.