Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Departure, Exit, & Readmission Procedures

Departure & Exit Procedures

Withdrawal from Current Semester or Summer Session

The following procedure is followed for those students that do not intend to complete the current semester and/or wishe to drop all current incomplete courses:

  • If it is necessary to withdraw from college during the current semester, the student must file an application for withdrawal from the term in the Center for Student Success. If endorsed, the withdrawal becomes effective on the date it is approved and is reflected on the academic record. A “W” in noted on the transcript for each dropped course.
  • The final date for withdrawal from a current term is the last day of classes during the 12th week of the semester.
  • Students who stop attending classes and who do not withdraw in the prescribed manner will be charged as if they had continued in the classes and may earn failing grades.
  • Withdrawal may impact a student’s financial aid. Please refer to the information under Withdrawals and Refunds in the Tuition and Financial Information pages of the catalog.
  • The college reserves the right to involuntarily withdraw students who discontinue class attendance.
  • The college reserves the right to involuntarily withdraw students on academic probation who are not attending classes and who are not meeting their probation status requirements.

Military Withdrawal

  • The college will make every effort to accommodate the needs of a student called to active military duty during an academic term. Students who receive orders to report for active U.S. military duty should contact the Center for Student Success. Students in this situation must present their Military Orders to initiate accommodations regarding coursework in progress. An approved plan regarding coursework must be established prior to a student’s departure. Generally, there are three approaches that may be taken:
    • If orders are received late in the semester, a student may be able to complete coursework prior to leaving.
    • It may be feasible for a student to receive an Incomplete in a course or courses. If it is not feasible to receive an Incomplete, a student will be allowed to drop a course or courses with a full refund of tuition and fees associated with the dropped course(s). If a student receives an Incomplete but is unable to complete the work due to a change in circumstances, the student may appeal to the Committee on Student Academic Performance and Procedures for a retroactive course drop under the same terms outlined above.
    • If it is necessary for a student to withdraw from a current semester to fulfill military obligations, a student will be withdrawn with a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees and unused portion of room and meals.

Non-returning and/or transferring

The following procedure is followed for those students who plan to transfer or not return for the next semester:

  • Any student who does not plan to return to Concordia for the next semester must meet with a staff member in the Center for Student Success.
  • Advisement from the Center for Student Success is intended to be a support service and is the initial step to discuss concerns, explore options, seek out resources and get information about considerations involved with leaving the college and/or transferring.

Academic Leave

Students in good standing may apply for an academic leave, allowing them to take leave from college without having to apply for readmission. Leaves may be granted for a period of up to one year. During an academic leave, students will not have access to institutional resources.

Readmission Procedures

If a student stops attending Concordia for one or more academic terms and wants to return, they must contact the Office of Admission. Before their application for readmission will be considered, they will be asked to address any pending issues related to  academic, disciplinary or financial status with the college at the time they stopped attending. Once these issues are resolved, the Office of Admission will process the application for readmission and inform the student of the resulting decision.

Students graduate according to requirements published in the Concordia College Catalog at the time of their matriculation at Concordia, or any one subsequent catalog published during their enrollment. Students who are readmitted two years or more after their last enrollment must satisfy requirements published in the catalog in effect at the time of readmission, or any one subsequent catalog published during their enrollment.