Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Admission Requirements for Specific Programs

Each of the following programs has particular requirements for admission. With the exception of the Master of Education, the admission requirements listed here must be met in addition to the basic criteria for admission to Concordia College.


For admission to student teaching, students must:

  1. Possess a GPA of 2.75 before enrolling in any course with an EDUC prefix.
  2. Complete EDUC 212 American Education in a Diverse World with a grade of B- or higher or transfer an equivalent course.
  3. Complete a clinical experience, receiving a favorable teacher evaluation, as part of EDUC 212 American Education in a Diverse World or provide evidence of completing a clinical experience under the supervision of another higher education institution. Students are required to have professional liability insurance for each clinical.
  4. Take the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills subtests of reading, writing and mathematics; or provide evidence of meeting the required scores on the ACT Plus Writing or SAT tests. Students who do not pass a portion of the MN NES Essential Skills test should set up a meeting with the director of the Center for Student Success.
  5. Complete and submit an application for admission to the teacher education program. The essay component must meet the criteria listed in the writing guidelines of the department of education.
  6. Declare an education major
  7. Receive favorable recommendation from the EDUC 212 American Education in a Diverse World instructor. The criteria include:
    1. Oral and written communication skills
    2. Knowledge of teaching as a discipline
    3. Interest in and attitude toward the teaching profession
    4. Responsibility, to include attendance, punctuality, due dates met, etc.

Students submit application materials to the department of education chair, who will act on the application and notify students in writing of the admission decision. Students who are not admitted may not register for additional education courses without permission of the department of education chair. Students who are not admitted to the teacher education program will be advised to seek academic assistance.

If students transfer credit for EDUC 212 American Education in a Diverse World, they may be recommended by any faculty in the department of education. The criteria on which students will be recommended is the same as for current students.


First-year and transfer students are admitted to any of the music major or minor programs upon demonstrating sufficient ability and skill through a personal audition. All music majors or minors are required to take an examination testing their aural ability and knowledge of elementary theory. Transfer students are required to take a placement examination to determine levels of aural ability and knowledge of music theory.

Nursing – Professional Nursing Program

The pre-nursing program is open to all high school graduates and college students who wish to pursue a nursing major and earn a baccalaureate degree. To enter the pre-nursing program, students must be admitted to Concordia; however, applicants should note that admission to the college does not grant admission to the professional nursing major.

The professional nursing major begins the fall semester of the year following application to the major. The application must be submitted to the nursing department by the March deadline as posted in the nursing department during the first year to be considered for the major and progress on a four-year college plan. Late applications may be considered on a rolling admissions basis if the cohort is unfilled. Criteria for application to the major includes: a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 in all post-high school coursework completed by the date of application, and a minimum selective GPA of 3.0 in specific courses to be completed prior to application to the major. Application and progression criteria are defined in the nursing section of the catalog. Application forms may be obtained in the nursing department. Students are notified of their admission status in May. Pre-nursing students are encouraged to consult with a nursing faculty member or their nursing advisor about admission criteria prior to the application deadline, and information specific to early admission criteria.

Because state regulations require a specific student-faculty ratio in the clinical practicum, enrollment in the professional nursing program is limited and based on available resources and clinical placement availability. Therefore, admission is competitive and based on the following:

  • GPA (2.80 Overall GPA and 3.00 Selective GPA)
  • Completion of the prerequisite courses with a passing letter grade
  • Eligibility for sophomore standing
  • Submission of the completed application materials
  • Personal references
  • An impromptu essay or interview
  • A one-page résumé
  • Consideration will be given to students who have attended Concordia College. Refer to the nursing section in the catalog for additional admission and program information.

Social Work

Students interested in majoring in social work must make written application for acceptance into the major after completing SWK 150 Social Work and Social Justice with a grade of at least a B- (2.7). An overall GPA of 2.5 is required for admission to the program. To maintain eligibility for the social work major, students must pass all required social work courses with a C- or higher, maintain a 2.5 GPA in social work courses and a 2.5 Concordia GPA. All students planning to major in social work should request from the registrar to be assigned an advisor from the social work program. Because courses follow a sequence, transfer students or students deciding on the major during or after the fall semester of their sophomore year should meet with the social work program director as soon as possible to develop their educational plan.