The Goals for Liberal Learning are the following:

Goal 1: Instill a love for learning

  • Demonstrate an ability to learn independently (seek opportunities to learn)
  • Appreciate that learning is a lifelong process
  • Obtain information needed to make informed judgements

Goal 2: Develop foundational skills and transferable intellectual capacities

  • Express ideas effectively
  • Make decisions and solve problems by engaging in creative and critical thinking
  • Access and evaluate a variety of sources of information
  • Consider multiple perspectives when developing solutions to problems

Goal 3: Develop an understanding of disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and intercultural perspectives and their connections

  • Demonstrate proficiency in a discipline
  • Demonstrate that problem solving involves multiple perspectives and tools

Goal 4: Cultivate an examined cultural, ethical, physical, and spiritual self-understanding

  • Understand the influence of a religious worldview
  • Appreciate the aesthetic dimensions of life
  • Identify the factors that contribute to self-understanding
  • Identify how personal, interpersonal, social, cultural, and religious factors shape people's identity

Goal 5: Encourage responsible participation in the world

  • Demonstrate ethical commitment by making critical, principled decisions
  • Demonstrate intercultural competence
  • Apply academic learning to one's personal, professional, and civic lives
  • Apply knowledge and skills to influence the affairs of the world