Academic Catalog 2022-2023

International Business Major

Odile L. Streed

International Business Committee
Odile L. Streed, chair
Jonathan P. Clark
Kenneth W. Foster
Gay G. Rawson
Fanny Roncal Ramirez
Jorge E. Scarpin
Program Coordinators in International Business
Ricardo Augusta, Segovia, Spain
Uta Knoche, Universität Hannover, Germany
Karine Pico-Coupey, Université de Rennes, France

Most large and many emerging businesses do business across international borders. They earn and spend foreign exchange, operate under different laws, and deal with more cultural issues than domestic business does.

The interdisciplinary international business major offers students the broad liberal arts foundation essential to understanding the complexities and cultural differences of an increasingly global marketplace. Specific discipline-related coursework is designed to provide students the knowledge, skill, and abilities needed to succeed in a competitive world.

In addition to language proficiency, cultural understanding is an important dimension of the major. Students gain both understanding and proficiency in one of four language areas: Chinese, French, German, or Spanish. English is an option for international students for whom English is a second language. These foreign students could satisfy both study and work abroad requirements in the United States. Additionally, providing that they fulfill their language requirement as indicated below, students wanting to study in an English-speaking country abroad or students who want to complete their internship requirement with an English-speaking multinational firm abroad could also choose those options. Upon approval by the director of the international business program, additional languages could also be considered to fulfill the language requirement for this major.

The major in international business includes a comprehensive set of business and language courses, required study abroad experience(s) including at least one business course taken abroad, a minor in one language or the equivalent number of credits in more than one language and an international internship. Students must take supporting and foundation business classes prior to enrolling in upper-division business courses (300 and 400 level). Permission may be granted by the instructor for students to concurrently take one foundation or supporting class with upper-division courses. It is recommended that students take the MATH course prior to economics and accounting courses.

IBUS 390 Cooperative Education, Internships taken for credit are 1-8 credits (up to 8 credits toward graduation: up to 3 credits toward completion of an international business major).

Major Requirements

The requirements for a major in international business are 53-54 credits (without a concentration) and a language requirement of a language minor or 20 credits in one language.:

Supporting Courses
MATH 121Calculus I4
or MATH 203 Finite Mathematics
Business Foundation Courses
BUS 201Principles of Global Economics4
ACCT 255Principles of Financial Acctg4
ACCT 256Principles of Managerial Acctg4
IBUS 301Intro to International Trade3
Business Core Courses
FIN 303Corporate Finance3
BUSN 315Management Information Systems3
BUSN 320Business Statistics3
BUSN 339Principles of Management and Leadership3
BUSN 351Principles of Mktg and Sales3
International Business Courses
FIN 403Int'l Financial Management3
BUSN 439Cross-Cultural Management3
BUSN 451Global Marketing3
Select one of the following:3-4
Global Supply Chain Management
International Accounting Standards
Approved elective
IBUS 390Cooperative Education3
Supporting Courses
Select 4 credits from the following:4
Approved Language courses
Intercultural Communication
World Geography
International Issues and Global Governance: An Introduction to Global Studies
Culture, Identity, and Dialogue: An Introduction to Global Studies
Asia in a Global Age: An Introduction
Introduction to Latin American Studies
U.S.-Latin American Relations
International Politics
Comparative Politics
Study Abroad
Select one of the following:
Successfully complete at least one semester in an approved study abroad program, during which at least one business or accounting class is taken
2 approved exploration seminars abroad
1 approved May seminar abroad and 1 approved summer program abroad during which students must take at least one business or accounting class.
Language Requirement
Select one of the following:
Complete a language minor
20 credits above course number 112 in more than one language. Several current programs have specific language requirements for internships and study abroad. Consult advisor about those expectations. Non-English native speaking foreign students will be required to fulfill the 20 credit language requirements by taking approved English and/or foreign language courses.
Total Hours53-54

Recommended Courses (Not Required)

COM 305Business and Professional Speaking4
COM 312Interpersonal Communication4
COM 314Group Communication and Team Building4
ENG 316Business Writing4
ENG 324Technical Writing4
ENG 371Editing and Grammar for Professionals4

Optional Concentrations

Marketing Concentration

Marketing Courses
Select three marketing electives from the following:9
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Research
Other approved courses
Total Hours9

Finance or Economics Concentration

Finance or Economics Electives
Select three finance or economics electives from the following:9
Intermediate Corporate Finance
Business & Commerce Abroad
Business Analysis and Strategic Management
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
Global Development Issues
Other approved courses
Total Hours9

Management Concentration

Management Electives
Select three management electives from the following:9-10
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Operations Mgmt/Research
Theory/Appl in Leadership
Other approved courses
Total Hours9-10

Regional Studies Concentration: Europe

Regional Studies Electives
Select three regional studies electives from the following:12
French Culture and Civilization
Global Political, Social, Economic and Environmental Issues in the French-Speaking World
French in the Business World
Sustainability in Germany
Topics in Society, Politics and Economics
The Culture of Spain
Business Spanish
World Geography
Other approved courses
Total Hours12

Regional Studies Concentration: Asia

Regional Studies Electives
Select three regional studies electives from the following:12
U.S.-China Relations
Chinese Politics
Asia in a Global Age: An Introduction
Topics in Chinese Society
World Geography
Other approved courses
Total Hours12

Regional Studies Concentration: Latin America

Regional Studies Electives
Select three regional studies electives from the following:12
Introduction to Latin American Studies
U.S.-Latin American Relations
Mexican American Border Studies
Business Spanish
World Geography
Latin American History
Other approved courses
Total Hours12

Degree and Graduation Requirements
In addition to the program-specific requirements listed above, all students must complete the graduation requirements specified for their degree.  See the Degree and Graduation Requirements section for more information.