Major Requirements

The requirements for a major in business are 54 to 65 credits:

Required Supporting Courses
CSC 104Software Applications for Business Data4
MATH 121Calculus I 14
or MATH 203 Finite Mathematics
Business Foundation Courses
BUS 201Principles of Global Economics4
BUS 210Ethics and Leadership4
BUSN 305Introduction to Business Law3
ACCT 255Principles of Financial Acctg4
ACCT 256Principles of Managerial Acctg4
Business Core Courses
BUSN 315Management Information Systems3
BUSN 320Business Statistics3
BUSN 339Principles of Management and Leadership3
BUSN 351Principles of Mktg and Sales3
FIN 303Corporate Finance3
Business majors must choose at least one concentration from the following:12-23
Total Hours54-65

It is recommended that students take the MATH class prior to economics and accounting courses. The agribusiness, economics, finance, and management information systems concentrations require MATH 121 Calculus I.

Recommended supporting courses:

COM 305Business and Professional Speaking4
COM 312Interpersonal Communication4
COM 314Group Communication and Team Building4
ENG 316Business Writing4
ENG 324Technical Writing4
ENG 371Editing and Grammar for Professionals4

Concentrations for a Major in Business

Agribusiness Concentration

Agribusiness Concentration requires 16 credits:

Agribusiness Courses
AGEC 242Introduction to Agricultural Management (Tri-College course) 4
AGEC 244Agricultural Marketing (Tri-College course)3
AGEC 343Introduction to Commodity Trading (Tri-College course)3
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Government Regulation of Business
Global Supply Chain Management
Cooperative Education
Business Analysis and Strategic Management
AGEC 444
Advanced Commodity Trading (Tri-College course)
AGEC 474
Cooperatives (Tri-College course)
Total Hours16

Agribusiness and Applied Economics (AGEC) courses are offered at North Dakota State University through the Tri-College University program.

Economics Concentration

Economics Concentration requires 12 credits:

Economics Courses
BUSN 301Intermediate Microeconomic Theory3
BUSN 302Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory3
Select 6 credits from the following:6
May Seminar
Global Development Issues
Global Economics
Cooperative Education
Public Finance
Money Banking, and Financial Markets/Institutions
Business Analysis and Strategic Management
Total Hours12

Finance Concentration

Finance Concentration requires 12-13 credits:

Finance Courses
FIN 403Int'l Financial Management3
FIN 420Intermediate Corporate Finance3
Select 6-7 credits from the following:6-7
May Seminar
Cooperative Education
Business Analysis and Strategic Management
Equity Analysis
Business & Commerce Abroad
Portfolio Construction & Management
Fixed Income Analysis
Financial Statement Analysis & Business Valuation
Hedging & Risk Management
Management of Financial Institutions
Total Hours12-13

Management Concentration

Management Concentration requires 15-16 credits:

Management Courses
BUSN 440Organizational Behavior3
BUSN 495Business Analysis and Strategic Management3
Select 9 credits from the following:9
May Seminar
Global Supply Chain Management
Human Resource Management
Cooperative Education
Cross-Cultural Management
Operations Mgmt/Research
Theory/Appl in Leadership
Entrepreneurial Mindset I
Entrepreneurial Mindset II
Total Hours15

Marketing Concentration

Marketing Concentration requires 15 credits:

Marketing Courses
BUSN 451Global Marketing3
BUSN 453Consumer Behavior3
BUSN 463Marketing Research3
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Selling Today
Digital Marketing
Cooperative Education
Approved Special Topic Marketing Courses
Total Hours15