The pre-law program at Concordia is grounded in the college’s strong liberal arts tradition. Preparatory courses are drawn from across the disciplines, and help instill the skills and habits of mind that are beneficial to the study and practice of the law. This means there is no single undergraduate major for pre-law students. While some may major in history or political science, others may choose business or chemistry. Whatever their major, interested students should take liberal arts courses that encourage critical reading, careful argumentation, strong research skills, and intensive writing.

A number of opportunities beneficial to students who are considering applying to law school are offered, which provide enhanced understanding of the law school experience and the legal profession. These include:

  • A Concordia College Pre-Law Speakers Series that brings practicing attorneys and judges to campus on a regular basis to discuss law-related issues and career opportunities
  • Shadowing opportunities with area law firms and practicing attorneys to give students the chance to observe legal professionals in action, ask questions, and make contacts
  • A pre-law student organization that provides support and guidance to students interested in the law, including law-related social engagements, visits with law school admission officers, and guided legal case study exercises.

Law schools primarily consider an applicant’s Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score and undergraduate GPA when making admission decisions. Pre-law advising is, therefore, instrumental in understanding how to approach LSAT preparation, and it can also be helpful in identifying which law schools to apply to. Students generally take the LSAT in the spring or summer prior to their senior year so they have time to retake the exam should they wish to improve their score. Application deadlines vary by school but are often in the spring semester prior to fall enrollment. Law schools typically follow a rolling admission policy, which means they assess and accept applications continuously as they are received. As a result, the earlier a student can complete a quality application, the better. Students should be sure to work with a pre-law advisor throughout the application process.

Concordia’s pre-law advisors will help students craft individual programs of study that fit their strengths and interests. While students may approach a pre-law advisor for assistance at any time during their Concordia careers, they are encouraged to do so early, as pre-law advisement helps students select courses and discern whether they have an aptitude for the study and practice of the law.

Faculty Advisor

Nicholas O. Howard

Pre-Professional Coursework

Supporting coursework and activities – Because there is no defined course of study for pre-law students, a pre-law advisor can help students identify which of the following courses and activities best fit their specific needs.

Foundational courses – These courses address the foundations of law and the justice system, and will assist students assessing whether to pursue law as a vocation.

Foundation Courses
BUSN 305Introduction to Business Law3
COM/ENG 422Mass Communications Law and Ethics4
HCL 378Healthcare Law and Ethics3
PHIL 331Philosophy of Law4
PSC 362Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties4
PSC 363Consitutional Law: Governmental Powers4
SOC 322Crime, Deviance, and Social Control4

Courses to enhance skills and capacities – The courses listed in this section develop skills in critical analysis and persuasive speaking and writing. They will also help students succeed on the Law School Admissions Test.

Courses to Enhance Skills and Capacities
COM 203Argumentation4
COM 305Business and Professional Speaking4
ENG 316Business Writing4
ENG 317News Writing4
ENG 371Editing and Grammar for Professionals4
PHIL 230Symbolic Logic4

Contextual courses – These courses provide broad contextual knowledge instrumental to understanding the application of the law.

Contextual Courses
BUS 201Principles of Global Economics4
PHIL 110Thinking About Values4
PSC 121Thinking about Politics: An Introduction to Political Science4
PSC 211U.S. Political System4
PSYC 357Abnormal Psychology4
REL 379Religion, Race & Social Justice4
SOC 111Human Society4
SOC 231Sociology of Families4
SOC 328Class, Race, and Ethnicity4
SWK 150Social Work and Social Justice4

Activities – The following activities develop foundational skills and expose students to law-related content:

  • Forensics
  • Mock trial team
  • Job shadow opportunities with area law firms
  • Concordia College Pre-Law Lecture Series
  • Pre-Law Society student organization