Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Residential Living and Learning

Residential Living and Learning

Living in the residence halls and becoming involved with other students, staff, and the programs and activities provided there are considered a vital part of the total learning experience Concordia has to offer. This experience will not only support and enhance your classroom learning, but facilitate your personal growth as well.

As part of  your floor and hall community, you will learn about balancing freedom and responsibility,  developing flexibility and tolerance and establishing friendships and relationships. Living with students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds will help you enhance your learning experience and prepare you to be a global citizen.

You’ll make lifelong friends during your years of residence hall living and will take with you memories of dinners in Anderson Commons together, late-night talks, floor and hall programs, and experiences that will support your personal development.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students who share a common interest the opportunity to live together and engage more deeply in their LLC’s topic. LLCs typically have a faculty or staff advisor who assist with programming or other personal/professional development opportunities related to the LLC’s topic. Topics vary from year to year, but some examples include: World Languages and Cultures, Sexuality and Gender Inclusion, and Multicultural Living.