Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Communication Studies (COM)

COM 614  -  Organizational Communication,  4 credits.  

An examination of how communication enacts and affects organizational behavior. Topics include: organizational assimilation, organizational culture, motivation, power, decision making, leadership, learning styles, conflict management, nonverbal communication, organizational ethics, diversity and change management. Emphasis is placed on the ability to apply organizational research and theory to organizational behavior. The course includes readings, experiential exercises, case study discussions, exams and papers.

COM 617  -  Applied Research Methods in Communication,  4 credits.  

A course in scientific inquiry methods in communication, including the study of methods of research design, data collection and analysis. Topics include the ethical application of research methods in various contexts, and the development of applied research methods available to effectively collect and analyze communication data. Prerequisite: Graduate-level statistics or permission of the instructor.