Accepted Forms of Advanced Credit

  • Advanced Placement (AP): Students may obtain advanced placement and credit in selected courses at Concordia by earning an appropriate score on the Advanced Placement Program Test of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). Contact Admissions for information on the selected tests, required scores and equivalencies. Credit must be recorded during the student’s first year at Concordia.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB): Contact the Office of Admission for information on the selected tests, required scores and equivalencies. Credit must be recorded during the student’s first year at Concordia.
  • CLEP and Departmental Examinations: You may receive credit in some courses by successfully completing special examinations that test your knowledge of the subject matter. Two types of credit-by-examination opportunities are available. CLEP subject examinations measure achievement in specific college courses. Other subject examinations have been developed by a number of departments and programs at Concordia for their use. No more than 20 semester credits can be applied to the 126 semester credits required for graduation. Contact the Office of the Registrar for details and fees for these options.
  • JST and Military Credit: In evaluating and granting credit to veterans who have pursued specialized training programs in the armed forces, the college utilizes the Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Services, prepared by the American Council of Education.
  • Vitnemål: The Vitnemål is a student’s 13th year in Norway/Sweden. Transfer credit will be accepted for the Vitnemål once the official transcript has been received from NORAM. NORAM verifies a student’s transcript to be sure it is official. 
  • Traditional transfer credit: College credit earned from courses taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities is also accepted. To earn transfer credit, these courses must:
    • have a standard letter grade of C- or above (grades of “P” or “S” are not accepted)
    • apply towards an associate's or bachelor's degree (not a certificate program)
    • not be remedial courses or credit earned from varsity sports or music ensembles

Process and Policies of Transferring Credit and Submitting Test Scores

To transfer credit, an official transcript from previously attended institutions or scores from AP, IB, etc. must be sent directly to Concordia College Registrar’s Office. An official transcript is defined as one in a sealed envelope or a secure link by electronic PDF. Once a student’s official transcript or scores are received, transfer credit will be evaluated and added to a student’s record. Effective Fall 2016, transfer grades have been updated to show all “S” grades. Transfer credits will be calculated only in the total credits earned; grades calculated in the GPA will only be Concordia courses. All advanced credit included on a transcript or on score sheets becomes part of a student's permanent academic record and cannot be removed.

The academic level at which transfer students are placed at Concordia will depend on the work they have successfully completed and is accepted for transfer.

A class cannot be transferred in to be a repeat of a Concordia College class. All repeats must be taken at Concordia College.

Additional information about transfer credit is available in the Admissions Criteria and Procedures section of the Catalog under the heading "Transfer Credit".