Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Art and Design Minor

Minor Requirements

The requirements for a minor in art and design are 20 credits:

Select 4 credits from the following foundation courses:4
Two-Dimensional Foundations
Three-Dimensional Foundations
Beginning Drawing
Digital Design
Select 4 credits from the following art history courses:4
History in Art I: Origins to the Early Renaissance
History in Art II: Renaissance to Impressionism
History in Art III: Post-Impressionism to the Digital Age
Greek and Roman Art
Renaissance and Baroque Art
20th Century Art
18th and 19th Century Art in the East and West
Art and Religion
Women and Art
Arts of Asia
Special Topics
Senior Project
Independent Study
Directed Research
Philosophy of Art
Select 12 credits from the following studio art and design courses:12
Beginning Drawing
Digital Photography
Digital Design
Nordic Arts
Web and User Experience Design I
Typography in Book Design I
Special Topics
Intermediate Drawing
Intermediate Painting
Intermediate Ceramics
Intermediate Sculpture
Intermediate Printmaking
Graphic Design II
Intermediate Studio
Intermediate Photography
Senior Project
Portfolio Preparation
Independent Study
Art and Environmental Activism
Directed Research
Total Hours20